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13,98 EUR*
Details Wisdom for Home Preservers: 500 Tips for All Kinds of Food Preservation

People have been preserving food since ancient times-evidence shows that Middle Eastern cultures were using the heat of the sun to dry their foods as early as 12,000 BC-for reasons of survival or culture or both. Fast forward to the present day, and ...

22,47 EUR*
Details Finger Lickin' Food: Southern-Style Recipes for All the Family

Finger Lickin' Food reflects Jamie's life as a husband and a father who loves to cook for his family. He firmly believes in everyone sitting down together for a home-cooked meal and so has created 125 recipes that turn this daily challenge into a ...

18,72 EUR*
Details The Big Book of Potluck: Good Food - and Lots of It - for Parties, Gatherings, and All Occasions: Good Food for Parties, Gatherings, and Any Occasion

The Big Book of Potluck The author of The Big Book of Soups & Stews introduces more than 250 luscious recipes that are perfect for church suppers, picnics, parites, and other occasions, accompanied by helpful tips on how to streamline preparation and ...

43,06 EUR*
Details LunchBots Thermal 12 oz. All Stainless Steel Interior - Insulated Food Container Stays Warm for 6 Hours or Cold for 12 Hours - Leak Proof Soup Jar for Portable Convenience - Gray by LunchBots

SUPERIOR INSULATION: We developed our proprietary HotBots technology to keep food at just the right temperature! Our insulated thermal food containers stay cold for up to 12 hours or warm for over 6 hours. We're so confident in our 12oz Thermal that ...

24,26 EUR*
Details ESPOMA COMPANY - Flower-Tone Flower Food, 3-4-5, 4-Lb.

4 LB, 3-4-5 Flower Tone, All Natural, For Annuals & Perennials, All Natural, For All Vegetables, Contains Bio-Tone, Our Proprietary Blend Of Beneficial Microbes, Which Biologically Enhances The Natural Plant Food To Ensure Superior Plant Growth.

25,71 EUR*
Details ESPOMA COMPANY - Start All-Purpose Liquid Plant Organic Food, 24-oz.

Start, 24 OZ, Start Liquid All Purpose Organic Plant Food Concentrate, Mix With Water, Feeds Instantly, For Indoor & Outdoor Plants.

3,95 EUR*
Details Sugarflair PASTEL Concentrated Paste Food Colour - Baby Pink :: Perfect for all Cake Making and Colouring by Sugarflair

Profi-Qualität, hochkonzentrierte, zu 100 % Essbare Lebensmittelfarbe. Wählen Sie aus 10 wiederverschließbaren Näpfchen mit 25 g hochwertiger Speisefarbe

266,06 EUR*
Details Silver 9 Compartment Disposable Plastic Plate (Thali) - 50 Plates by Namaste India

Heavy Duty Plastic Silver Disposable Plastic Plates, Nine Compartment for all kinds of food and curries, Perfect for all events that serve ethnic food with lot of dishes like Indian food, Middle Eastern food or Asian Food, Great for classy and elegant ...

25,77 EUR*
Details ESPOMA COMPANY - Grow All-Purpose Liquid Plant Organic Food, 24-oz. Concentrate

Grow, 24 OZ, All Purpose Liquid Plant Organic Food Concentrate, Mix With Water, Feeds Instantly, For Indoor & Outdoor Plants.

20,63 EUR*
Details Miracle-Gro 1001501 All Purpose Liquid Plant Food Jug, 32-Ounce Garden, Lawn, Supply, Maintenance by Scotts Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro, QT, 12-4-8, Liquid All Purpose Plant Food, Concentrate-Simple Mix With Water For Spectacular Blooms & Deep Green Foliage, Instantly Gives Plants The Nutrients They Need To Flourish, For All Flower, Vegetables, Trees, Shrubs & Houseplants, Bil

12,14 EUR*
Details Nishikoi Multi Sticks Fish Food 205g

A complimentary blend of floating sticks for all pond fish including goldfish, koi, orfe and shubunkins. Mix of sticks to suit all pond fish Low density, high stability food stick Colour enhancing formulation Stabilised Vitamin C for health Foil ...

12,09 EUR*
Details The Easy Kitchen: Pasta Sauces: Simple Recipes for Delicious Food Every Day

Pasta served with a sauce is surely one of the most popular fast foods enjoyed the world over. This collection of recipes includes classics, plus some newer ideas, all inspired by authentic Italian ingredients now available all over the globe. Some ...

26,99 EUR*
Details Examining Food and Nutrition for GCSE

Written by the respected author Jenny Ridgwell, Examining Food and Nutrition for GCSE, 2nd Edition is a full colour textbook that is fully mapped to the new 2009 GCSE specifications for all the major awarding bodies. * Completely re-written using the ...

14,53 EUR*
Details Scotts Miracle Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food 2kg

Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Plant Food - 2kg Flowers are an excellent garden decoration, enjoyed by many green-fingered amateurs and experienced enthusiasts. If you want healthy plants with more bloom, then this is the perfect product for you. Can be ...

203,29 EUR*
Details Strategies for Achieving Food Security in Central Asia (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security)

Strategies for Achieving Food Security in Central Asia Food Security is a primary concern for all countries. This book summarises the presentations of a NATO Advanced Training Course addressing the issue of food security in Central Asia. The book is ...

8,81 EUR*
Details The Top 100 Baby Food Recipes: Easy Purees and First Food for 6-12 Months

We know that the key to children's health, development and happiness lies in the quality of the food we wean them on, and continue to cook for them - and the food they then want to eat themselves. But it's all too easy to fall back on jars of ...

44,13 EUR*
Details GLOBAL HARVEST FOODS LTD - Wild Bird Food, Birdwatcher's Blend, 18-Lbs.

Morning Song, 18 LB, Birdwatchers Blend Bird Food, For A Wide Variety Of Birds, Premium, All Purpose Blend Of Wild Birds Favorite Seeds, Specifically Blended For Backyard Birds.

16,13 EUR*
Details SCOTTS MIRACLE GRO - Rose Food 18-24-16, 1.5-Lb.

Miracle-Gro, 1.5 LB, 18-24-16 Rose Food, Produces Up To 3 Times More Blooms, Supplies All Vital Growth Nutrients, Use For All Types Of Flowering Plants.

7,51 EUR*
Details Tetrapond Wheatgerm Aquarium Pond Fish Food 200g

Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks;Healthy nutrition below 10 degrees c, clear water;For top condition and health;Softens quickly for easier eating;Ideal for all pond fish

10,94 EUR*
Details Tetrafin Goldfish Fish Food Flake 100g

Complete Flake Food For All Goldfish And Other Coldwater Fish.

4,13 EUR*
Details SCOTTS MIRACLE GRO - 1.1-oz. 6-12-6 Plant Food Spikes

Miracle-Gro, 1.1 OZ, 6-12-6 Plant Food Spikes, For All Flowering & Foliage House Plants, All Purpose Formula, Controlled Release, Feeds Up To 60 Days, Contains Essential Micro-Nutrients, Bilingual Packaging.

17,20 EUR*
Details Vegan Finger Foods

Finger foods are fun eats that span all cuisines. Sometimes called "tapas" or "small plates," these recipes are perfect for entertaining, or for light meals and snacks. Make a few, and you'll have a stunning meat-free and dairy-free buffet that will ...

54,87 EUR*
Details VOLUNTARY PURCHASING GROUP INC - Lawn Food Plus Iron, 24-0-4, Covers 5,000-Sq.-Ft.

VPG Fertilome, 20 LB, 5,000 SQFT Coverage, 24-0-4, Lawn Food Plus Iron, A Good All-Around Lawn Food With Iron For Fast Immediate Greening On All Types Of Lawns.

24,16 EUR*
Details ESPOMA COMPANY - Garden-Tone Garden Food, 3-4-4, 4-Lb.

4 LB, 3-4-4 Garden-Tone, All Natural, For All Vegetables, Contains Bio-Tone, Our Proprietary Blend Of Beneficial Microbes, Which Biologically Enhances The Natural Plant Food To Ensure Superior Plant Growth.

24,75 EUR*
Details SCOTTS MIRACLE GRO - Organic Plant Food, 5-5-5 Formula, 4-Lbs.

EcoScraps, 4 LB, 5-5-5 + Calcium, All Purpose Plant Food, Optimally Formulated For Enhanced Tomato & Vegetable Growth But Ideal For Use On Flowers & Landscape Beds.

23,18 EUR*
Details ESPOMA COMPANY - Rose-Tone Rose Food,4-3-2, 4-Lb.

4 LB, 4-3-2 Rose Tone, All Natural For All Types Of Roses, Contains Bio-Tone, Our Proprietary Blend Of Beneficial Microbes, Which Biologically Enhances The Natural Plant Food To Ensure Superior Plant Growth.

52,62 EUR*
Details 100 Count Bread Loaf Bags Food Storage Poly Bags with Twist Ties (6x3x15, 15 Inches) by FP Poly Bags

100 Count Prepackaged Bread Loaf Bags, Meets FDA requirement for food contact use, Includes 100 twist ties, Clear LDPE Poly Bags. Focus branded.? Look for FP logo for authenticity, Perfect for all food storage use

12,92 EUR*
Details All I Need Is Is Food And Volleyball Pillow Case

We are specialized in producing DIY goods, such as soft pillow case, car pillow, mouse pad, phone case, etc. It can be gift for Birthday, Christmas, just by sending us picture via email.